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Dog ownership is like a rainbow. Puppies are the joy at one end. Old dogs are the treasure at the other. Carolyn Alexander

Meet us

The Psi Los Foundation was established in 2011 to provide help for homeless and harmed animals. It realizes its goals by supporting official and private animal shelters, organizing the collection of gifts, popularization of a responsible and humanitarian attitude towards animals. Our actions are intended to improve the life conditions, health and existence of homeless dogs and cats and finding new loving owners for them. Thanks to you we are able to change the fate of suffering animals in need.

We have launched a nationwide Polish social campaign calling for the adoption of homeless animals. We have ensured the safety of over 2500 dogs and cats by electronically marking and registering them in the international database „Safe Animal”.

We have helped to find new homes for several hundred unwanted and abandoned quadrupeds. We have paid for many operations like castration, sterilisation and rehabilitation. We have fed tens of thousands dog and cat stomachs. All this thanks to invaluable help from our sponsors.

Thanks to the cooperation with the „Safe Animal’ International Database we organize free electronic marking of animals in many Polish cities. Each pet marked during such events is also registered free of charge in a special database, and in this way it can quickly find new owners.


How can you help?

If you would like to help our animals, you can do this in several ways: suport us with good word, transfer money to the foundation’s account or adopt a homeless animal from a nearby shelter. Support the actions of our foundation and alter the fate of our quadrupeds. It is enough if you donate a small amount through PayPal. Any help we can get from you has the price of gold!

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