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Social Campaign “True Friendship is for free”

After many months of preparation, our Foundation’s first social campaign has started. “True Friendship is for free” is a pro-animal project, which aims at drawing public attention to the problem of homeless animals and, most of all, at encouraging shelter adoptions. We would like to convince the society that it is adopting animals and not buying that contributes to the welfare of companion animals.

The campaign is part of the current social and media trend to reveal and condemn cases of cruelty to animals and to make the public more aware of animal welfare issues.

The project is realized in several of the biggest Polish cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk, and Wroclaw. Thanks to additional medial actions we plan to reach most Poles with our message.

We invited famous and popular persons who truly care for  homeless animals to take part in our campaign, who truly care for  homeless animals. The celebrities who chose to support us are:
Urszula Grabowska
Magdalena Walach
Agnieszka Chrzanowska
Hanna Bieluszko
Ewa Kaim
Ewa Kolasińska
Anna Radwan
Ojciec Leon Knabit
Paweł Małaszyński
Maciej Stuhr
Krzysztof Globisz
Zbigniew Łuczyński

In the streets of the cites which our project involves you will more than once see posters and billboards with portraits of our stars in the company of dogs adopted form shelters. We hope that they will inspire many people who are considering a canine friend to visit a shelter for homeless animals.

We are also planning to distribute posters in schools, universities, offices, cafes, and companies. If you wish to join in and place a poster in your firm, local public office or on your parish’s premises, you will be able to receive a free poster in selected locations in Krakow and Wroclaw soon.

Our campaign will last until the end of May 2012; in the coming weeks you may expect many further exciting events.

The medial partner of our project is INTERIA.PL website, which will publish an extensive report on our campaign and the phenomenon of animal homelessness on 15th May. There, you will find interviews with the celebrities involved, photo galleries of shelter animals from various parts of Poland, backstage photos, and a self-help book, created by a dog trainer and psychologist, offering advice to owners of difficult pets.

ITNERIA.PL together with Psi los Foundation are organizing a contest for the best adoption story. The jury will consist of the famous campaign participants and the winners will receive attractive prizes.


You are most welcome to view the poster photo gallery.


Our project would have never been created
without the support of companies who
care for the welfare of animals.

The general sponsor of our campaign is Development Group Geo Invest.

We would also like to thank Digital Center Technologies,
which has supported our foundation since the beginning.

We would like to express our gratutude to Koneser,
a Krakow-based advertising agency,

for the professionally organized poster display in
Krakow and Wroclaw and all the help we received.

Special thanks to the Europrint 24 printing
house for printing our posters free of charge.