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Protect your pet

Safe Animal are experts in finding missing animals

The reality is that companion animals often go missing. 90% of them never come back home. Undertaking proper steps may prevent this. In is usually enough to microchip your dog or cat and register it in the international Safe Animal date base.

Accidents do happen. Are you ready to face them?

Research shows that only 17% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats find their way back home.

Why do animals get lost?
- theft
- escaping through an open door or window
- improper fastening of the collar or leash
- panic due to a firework explosion or a thunder
- panic due to the novelty of a place (while travelling)
- chasing another animal during a walk
- escaping from the yard over or under the fence
- a shock caused by an accident
- following the reproductive instinct

Do not forget to register your pet

To protect your pet your should first have it microchipped. A vet will do this in a very simple way, resembling an ordinary injection.

Microchipping without registration in a data base makes little sense. Microchipping together with registration is the best way to ensure finding your pet if it goes missing.

If you have found a dog or a cat, check if it has been microchipped. You can do this in most veterinary clinics. If a microchip is found, go to the Safe Animal data base and try to identify the owner of the animal.

How to register your pet?

1. You register your pet yourself.
To start with, you need to create your own profile on You will receive an email with an activation link. Click on it and register. Next, find the button „DODAJ i zarejestruj pupila” (“Add and register your pet.”)

2. Your vet registers your pet.
After the microchipping procedure, take a registration form from your vet’s office and fill it in. Ask the vet to enter the data to the Safe Animal base on your behalf.

3. Register by filling in the form on Psi Los Foundation website.
After the microchipping procedure, use the special form found on our website, to send us the necessary information. We will register your pet in the Safe Animal data base for you free of charge.

How does Safe Animal help your pet to find its way back home?

If your pet goes missing, contact Safe Animal by calling or emailing; action will be taken immediately. The nearest animal shelters will be informed about the fact.

If your pet is found and taken to a vet, a shelter or a pro-animal foundation office, the microchip should be read and checked in the Safe Animal base. You will be immediately identified as the owner and a consultant will call to inform that your pet has been found. As many other pets which every year find their way home thanks to Safe Animal, yours will be happily reunited with you.

Find out more about Safe Animal

Safe Animal is member of Europetnet, the European System of Data Bases with headquarters in Brussels. It is the only data base in Poland to directly cooperate with the biggest Polish cites which are running dog micrichipping programs (Warszawa, Poznań, Łódź, Bytom, Szczecin). It has the biggest and most up-to-date date base. It cooperates with most animal shelters and pro-animal foundations in Poland.

Every day Safe Animal proves extremely effective in finding missing animals, also outside Poland. It is confirmed by successful interventions in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, and Belgium. In a survey, conducted among animal lovers and civil servants, Safe Animal was named number 1 animal data base in Poland.

Worth knowing

Can I microchip my pet free of charge?
Check with your local authorities for a free animal microchipping program. If such a program exists, you will be given a list of veterinary clinics involved. Some pro-animal organizations may offer such an opportunity as well.

How to check if my pet has been registered in the base?
Visit Find “szukaj” (“search”) and enter the microchip number of your pet. If the result is negative, your should take care to register your pet yourself.

What should I do in case I change my name or address?
You should call the 24/7 Safe Animal SOS service and inform a consultant. You can also email Safe Animal.

Who is in possession of microchip readers?
Veterinarians, police and municipal guard stations, customs services, animal shelters, and some pro-animal organisations.

Where do I go if I find a stray companion animal?
It is best to visit a nearby veterinarian to check if the animal has been microchipped. The chip is usually placed on the left side of an animal’s neck or between shoulder blades. The vet will scan these places with an electronic reader.