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2BE.PL,as part of the Adweb Group, specializes in providing services on the Internet. Its complex solutions make it possible for their clients to become visible and function smoothly on the Internet. Thanks to this, the firm quickly gained a solid position on the hosting services market (servicing websites and e-mail accounts) as well as that of registration of internet addresses. Apart from 2BE.PL, the Adweb Group consists of Adweb interactive agency, SEO/SEM agency and VanguardPR public relations agency.

Do you aim at perfection? Do you accept products of only highest quality? Here we are. Cyfra7 offers the quintessence of colour and style. Years of experience connected with individualized and creative approach to each task guarantee unique quality. We offer our clients comprehensive service and help, form the idea to the printing phase. We treat each task as a challenge, always determined to fulfill the client’s wishes. Our priorities are quality and professionalism, which is why we use only the best materials and modern and reliable technology. Thanks to a team of experienced designers we take care of both the technical and aesthetic aspect of the product. The number of our satisfied clients is ever growing.

Bank PEKAO S.A. is not indifferent to the lot of homeless and suffering animals and it offered our Foundation a considerable discount on the cost of operating a credit card terminal, which will facilitate donations during various charities, adoption actions and concerts.  PEKAO S.A. also decided to give up a monthly charge for running our bank account.

FreecoNet is at present one of the leading Internet telephone providers in Poland. Its popularity is due to unique qualities of the VoIP platform. It offers free calls between all numbers registered on the platform. The operator or the user’s country of residence does not matter. Unregistered numbers can be called at the lowest market prices via TelArena service (several independent operators compete to service outgoing calls).

Every Saturday from 9 to 10 a.m. Radio Krakow broadcasts “Klinika Zdrowego Chomika,” a program hosted by Grzegorz Bernasik, in which we talk among other things about Krakow Animal Shelter. Every week we present you with a different dog or cat from the shelter which is with us in the studio. The photos of our special guest can be found on our website. We wait for people interested in adopting the animal for 30 minutes after the program finishes in front of the radio building (al. Słowackiego 22)

On the “Chwila dla Pupila” website, dedicated to animal lovers, you will find many interesting articles about animals, photo galleries of various kinds of events , an archive of TV and radio program recordings, as well as important addresses and phone numbers of organizations, foundations, and societies which help animals. You will find interesting tips about feeding, adoption, training or micro chipping your pets. You will learn about adoption procedures in the Krakow shelter and how to help animals there.