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Radio Krakow
We are co-authors of „Klinika Zdrowego Chomika,” a program entirely dedicated to animals, their problems and the bright and dark sides of their co-existence with people. It was created so long ago that no one remembers precisely when. It is believed that the first broadcast took place in 2003 or 2004. Nobody remembers the origins of its name (“The Clinic of a healthy hamster”). At the beginning, the program consisted of short conversations with listeners. From the start “the Clinic” has been hosted by Grzegorz Bernasik, accompanied by Wojciech Kujawski, a veterinarian who answers listeners’ questions. With time and growing popularity, the program became longer and more varied. At present, “the Clinic” is aired live in Radio Krakow each Saturday at 9 a.m. It is also available on “Chwila dla Pupila,” a website for animal lovers.

TVP Krakow
„Kundel bury i kocury” is a program for all who love animals. In the TVP Krakow studio there appear animals (rescued, found or abandoned dogs and cats) which hope to find homes with the help of television and viewers. In the program we show places where animals lead happy lives and present people who rescue and help them. We discuss awareness and responsibility for animals under human care. We address difficult and upsetting issues. The program is co-created by viewers, who make their suggestions by calling the studio. “Kundel bury” is hosted by the irreplaceable Magda Hejda.