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To learn about our achievements since the moment
our Foundation was
officially established, please,
see the entries on the home page of our website.

Organizing gift-raising after the evacuation of the shelter endangered with flooding
On May 19th, 2010, it was decided that the flood-threatened Krakow Animal Shelter should be evacuated. Some animals were temporarily adopted by Krakow inhabitants and the rest were relocated to Klub Jazdy Konnej (Riding Club) at 175 Kobierzyńska Street. This unprecedented situation inspired us to organize a large scale fundraiser for the shelter. Pet shops offered their help, however, it was predominantly the citizens of Krakow who showed great hearts and instantly provided the shelter with large quantities of pet food, leashes, dog collars, pet beds, etc.

Organizing an automated information system for Krakow Animal Shelter
Due to many inquiries after the evacuation of the shelter, we decided to help Krakow Animal Care Society to activate an automated information system, which made it possible to receive information in a quick and simple manner without involving the employees of the shelter.

Activating an Internet payment system for Krakow Animal Shelter
On May 21st, 2010, in cooperation with Dotpay, we activated a system of quick internet transfers. For those wishing to support the Society by credit card could now do so.  This form of payment became very popular even today.

Successful adoptions and „Psiak w Radiu Krakow” (Dog in the radio) action
On the “Chwila dlaPupila” website, we regularly post picture of homeless animals.  We advertise “Open Days” at the shelter for adoption actions.  The result of this has led to many animals finding good homes. We are the authors of the “Psiak w Radiu” action during which dogs from our shelter are special guests of the “Klinika Zdrowego Chomika” radio program. It is one of the ways to prove how wonderful adopted animals can be.

A PC for Krakow Animal Shelter
At the end of 2010, we gave the shelter a PC computer, which was installed in the drivers’ room and enabled employees’ access to the database after closing hours. We can now provide callers with information about shelter animals even at night.

Photographic documentation of various events
We try to be present at all events and adoption actions and to document them with a camera in hand. Thanks to picture galleries on our “Chwila dla Pupila” website, internet users from around the world can have a look at what goes on in Krakow in respect to animal rights. We always announce an event on our website and on the radio to inform the public about it. One of the examples is “Marsz Nie-milczenia” (No silent march), organized on 13 February 2011 in various Polish cities.

Help in searching for lost animals
A few months after activating an automated information system at the shelter, we initiated the creation of a service enabling callers to record a message about a lost or found animal.  These recorded messages are later published on our website and e-mailed to the shelter and KTOZ. Thanks to the service, a person who loses or finds an animal has a chance to file a report 24/7 by calling 12 350 22 33.

Promoting pro-animal events
On our website we write about and encourage participation in various events, adoption actions, and fundraisers organized by pro-animal organizations. Each foundation or society has the option to inform the public about the coming event free of charge. So far, we have helped to promote events organized by Animal Shelter in Harbutowice, Ludzie Zwierzętom w Potrzebie Foundation, Alarmowy Fundusz Nadziei na Życie Foundation and many others.

Publicizing cases of animal abuse
We are never indifferent to cases of cruelty to animals, revealed by media. We try to inform internet users about all cases. We hope that publicizing these drastic events will help raise public awareness of the problem and, ultimately, lead to a decrease in the number of such crimes.

A touching story of the blind Kacperek
Do you remember the touching story of the blind Kacperek, adopted from Krakow Animal Shelter? We helped Mrs Iza, her son Maciek, and Kacperek to raise funds for an eye operation. We also accompanied them at the eye clinic in Warsaw, where veterinarians conducted a series of complicated tests to check whether Kacperek qualified for surgery.

Help for Bożena Chechlińska Foundation
Each pro-animal organization can count on our full support. For example, Mrs Małgorzata Dobrzańska, who runs the Animal Shelter in Harburowice, , accepted our support on various occasions during adoption actions and fundraising for her shelter. We are always pleased to inform about each event by Pies Dżok Monument in Krakow, to help animals under Mrs Dobrzańska’s care.

„Nie wstawaj od stolika bez persa lub jamnika”
„Nie wstawaj od stolika bez persa lub jamnika” is an adoption program which aims at helping homeless animals. Restaurants, cafes, local media, and artists joined forces to help dogs and cats from Krakow Animal Shelter. Each company virtually adopts one animal and looks for a new home for it. From the very beginning we have closely cooperated with Mrs Anna Szybist, the organizer of the adoption program. We run and update the official website and provide photographic documentation of animals which participate in the program.

Veterinarian far infrared mat for the operating room
In early October 2010, we learned from the veterinarians at the shelter about a mat which prevents hypothermia during surgical procedures. Immediately, we addressed Infratherm, a producer of far infrared mats, with a request to donate one mat to Krakow Animal Shelter. On the 20th of October we received a mat, which we brought to the shelter the same day.

Micro-chipped animals’ search engine
On December 3rd, 2010, we activated a “Micro-chipped Animal” search engine, allowing identification of the owner of a micro-chipped animal. Each person who has found a dog or a cat can now instantly check whether its owner is registered in the Krakow Animal Shelter database.

Paris – a dog which went through hell
In early September 2010, two young men found a badly injured female German Shepherd by the roadside. The men did not think twice. They put her in the car and brought her to Krakow Animal Shelter. The dog was emaciated, exhausted and wounded. The wounds on her body did not result from a car accident but from deliberate human cruelty. During the medical examination it turned out that Paris had three holes in her head, possibly a result of hammer or axe blows, and her muzzle was extremely swollen. We decided to join in the efforts to rescue this mistreated dog. For over three months we visited Paris in the shelter twice a day, we walked, bathed, groomed and fed her with specialized dog food. Eventually, we helped to find her a perfect, loving home.

Disabled Mamcia  adopted form Krakow Animal Shelter
Mamcia was an extremely frightened, disabled dog, which spent two and a half years in the shelter, hiding from human sight in the inner box, before we spotted her. She was hardly ever taken out for walks.  Her world was limited to several square metres and three canine companions in distress. During our first visits in her box, Mamcia tried to be invisible by hiding in the corner and avoiding eye contact. Our first walks with her, she would cling to walls or she would try to find refuge under a chair or a desk. With time, however, she started to open up, slightly wagged her tail at our sight to, finally, after some weeks she welcomed us with “a dance of joy.” To everybody’s surprise, despite her deformed paw, she could run with ease and eagerly explore the surroundings. During one of our walks luck smiled at Mamcia – she was spotted by a tender-hearted girl, who was looking for a canine companion in the shelter. Mamcia became beloved Ama, and in return gave her new owner the kind of love only a faithful dog’s heart is capable of.

Co-organizing “Marsz Azylanta”
On May 22nd, 2011, owners of dogs adopted from the Krakow shelter together with their pets, as well as all animal lovers, had a chance to participate in “Marsz Azylanta,” a parade through the streets of Krakow Old Town. This parade included contests, auctions, and fund raising. The co-founder of our foundation was one of the initiators and co-organizers of the event. Her tasks were to deal with the administrative and legal aspects of the project, to arrange the design of the poster and leaflet which advertised the march.  She also organized and conducted the auction of the various objects donated by local artists. Finally, she prepared posters presenting metamorphoses of shelter animals, which were exhibited near the stage during the event.

Fundraising in 16th gymnasium in Krakow
On December 21st, 2010, “Chwila dla Pupila” website together with Krakow Animal Care Society organized a fundraising event for our shelter in 16th gymnasium in Krakow. Each year during winter we appeal to all people of good will to donate to Krakow Animal Shelter things which will help to protect animals against cold weather.

An LCD monitor for Krakow Animal Shelter
In June 2011, we decided to enhance the shelter’s reception area by purchasing a new LCD monitor to replace the old CRT monitor. This proved to be a great idea. The employees benefit from an image which is both clearer and healthier for the eyes as well as it freed up valuable space on their desk.

Help in diagnosing Bratek, a sick puppy
In late January 2011, a lovely litter of fluffy puppies were brought to Krakow Animal Shelter. Bratek was one of them but from the very beginning he was different. He did not gain weight like his siblings and was far behind them in physical development. The veterinarians noticed very quickly that something was wrong. The initial diagnosis was that the nine-month-old dog was probably suffering from pituitary dwarfism. To confirm the diagnosis it was necessary to perform a complicated medical test. Unfortunately, the cost proved too great for the shelter to incur. We decided to help by raising the necessary money. Luckily, the diagnosis was not confirmed and, after initial problems, Bratek grew into a beautiful and healthy dog.

Brenda undergoing physiotherapy in „Fizjozwierz” Clinic
Brenda was brought to Krakow Animal Shelter in May 2011 with a complete paralysis of her hind legs. She had probably been in a car accident or suffered a serious blow. The medical reason for the paralysis was not clear and the veterinarians did not rule out the possibility of discopathy. At our request, Mrs. Małgorzata Firlej of Physiotherapy Clinic “Fizjozwierz” offered her help and decided to treat Brenda free of charge. Brenda fully recovered and found a wonderful home.

Air-conditioning for the operating room in Krakow Animal Shelter
In mid-June 2011, we learned about the need for air-conditioning in the operating room in the shelter. Mrs Anna, a lifelong animal lover, answered our appeal and offered to sponsor a complete air-conditioning set. As professional installation was required, we started to search for a company which could perform the service free of charge. Mr Leszek Pichór, the owner of “Chłodex” did not hesitate and agreed to help us. On July 1st, 2011, the system was installed in the operating room of Krakow Animal Shelter.

A board which helps to control and organize walking dogs in the shelter
The idea came from a volunteer, Ms Żaneta Pawlak. At the beginning, sheets of paper were used to record walks with specific dogs and to let other volunteers know which dogs still need to be taken out. It worked, so we decided to replace paper with something more permanent. A whiteboard with a special chart proved a perfect solution. We started looking for a firm which could prepare the board. Cyfra7 printing company offered their help free of charge, and on July 29th, the board was delivered to the shelter.

Doggie’s bone – give a bone to a homeless dog
Every dog lover knows perfectly well how much joy a big juicy bone can give to a dog. Homeless dogs at Krakow Animal Shelter had to do without such treats. They could only dream about a nice bone which would make their lives in a small box more bearable. We decided to change that; we managed to negotiate an especially attractive price for a large number of bones and raised the necessary funds. Our idea proved to be a hit and the dogs’ happy faces on receiving the gift were the best reward for us.