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If you are fed up with your pet which pulls on leash, eats rubbish, barks and demolishes your home while you are out, growls if you attempt to take away its food, jumps on guests, attacks other animals, is obsessively jealous of a family member, or pees at home, this page is for you.

If you ever thought of getting rid of your pet, giving it up for adoption, taking it to an animal shelter or presenting it to someone you hate, we have a proposition for you.

Use our “Last Hope”

In cooperation with animal trainers and psychologists, our foundation offers you free specialist advice, which will help you to understand the reasons for your pet’s improper behavior and will point to solutions which will turn your naughty pet into an angel.

Our specialists are waiting for you.

Ewa Tybura – Alteri Scholl trainer, Animal Behaviorist COAPE

Tomasz Petrusiewicz – Alteri Scholl trainer

Paulina Kopta - Cats Expert

If you are satisfied with the help provided by our experts, you may like to choose to make a donations to help our Foundation. Thank you very much in advance.