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Petshop “Twój Pies” A specialized pet shop „Twój Pies” has been operating since 1999. On over 50m2 you can find hundreds of articles, both those necessary for your pet and those that will make the animal’s life more enjoyable. The shop offers pet beds, leashes, collars, toys, cosmetics, pet clothing, pet food, dog chews,  and more. The shop assistants will help you to make the right choice, considering your pet’s needs. In the shop, located at 8 Piastowska Street, you may donate to our Foundation using a donation box or leave some gifts like food or leashes for homeless animals. For more information about the shop click on the banner

Café Szafé. A cosy and intriguing place, not known to all due to its location slightly away from the very centre of Krakow Old Town. The inviting interior is painted in warm colours, with four lovely, blue wardrobes (pl: szafa). In one of them guests can find a table and two chairs, a unique place to have your coffee, perfect if you desire privacy or a romantic mood. The café is by definition connected with the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts milieu. Both students and graduates of the school organize their exhibitions there, with a new one every two weeks. The music is always suited to the occasion and clients. It is a great place both for a date and a meeting with friends. The owners of Café Szafé, animals lovers themselves, decided to organize together with our Foundation a series of meetings called “Animal lovers’ Afternoon at Café Szafé.” For more information click on the banner.

Infonetax. The aim and ambition of Infonetax is providing modern and innovative tools to support the work of tax advisors and accounting offices. Thanks to an experienced team and focusing on the needs stemming from advanced technologies, we create one of the kind, unrepeatable computer tools. Infonetax also offers book publications. We have created a free PIT accounting program for non-governmental organizations.