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My dog pees at home…
By nature, a dog is a very tidy animal and avoids defecation in the place where it sleeps. Very often, on seeing our puppy urinating on the carpet, we angrily shout “No!” Unconsciously, we teach our dog that urinating or defecating in our presence is wrong. We should avoid shouting at the dog, hitting the dog and any other aversive methods which may lead to our dog to being afraid to “go to the toilet” in our presence. If the dog is a puppy which is not yet allowed to go out, we suggest teaching him to pee and pooh in the bathroom on old newspapers which are easy to remove. Every time the puppy wakes up, finishes his meal or has just played with us for a long time, we take him to the bathroom and reward him with a treat if he does what is expected of him. What do we do if we see our dog peeing in a wrong place? We do not react. When he is done, we clean up thoroughly (you may use a special odour neutralizer spray). Next, we play with the dog in this very spot to let his scent permeate the place. After the vaccination-related quarantine, when our dog can finally leave the house, during initial walks we lay newspapers on the lawn and reward the dog for peeing outdoors. Remember to stop rewarding him in the house and to close the bathroom door more often. If we have an adult dog which does not respond to the methods described above, we ask a neighbour with a friendly, house-trained dog to walk with us and to let their dog set an example for ours. We reward every success with a treat. Do not forget that puppies, elderly dogs or those with a bladder dysfunction often cannot hold urine for longer than 2-3 hours. Some dogs pee out of joy when we come back home. To avoid such situations, we do not greet the dog after returning home, we let him calm down, and take him for a walk. We may also increase the frequency of walks.

Most common mistakes:
- shouting “No!” when the dog pees in a wrong place
- closing the bathroom door when teaching the rules in the first “puppy stage”