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My dog is aggressive…
There are multiple reasons for aggression; let us mention the most important ones:
- Genetic aggression (a dog’s ancestors were aggressive)
- Lack of socialization at the critical age (as a puppy)
- Sexual aggression (fight over a female)
- Frustration aggression (stemming from improper treatment, such as forcing the dog into unpleasant situations or actions, using a metal prong collar, etc.)
- Maternal aggression (a female protecting its puppies)
- Fear aggression (connected with negative experience, such as beating, shouting, intimidation)
- Territorial aggression
- Health related  aggression (a dog becomes aggressive unexpectedly, due to pain, impaired vision or hearing, or under an influence of medications)

Because of a wide range of possible reasons for aggression and different ways to remedy the situation, the first step should be to visit a vet and to have our dog thoroughly examined, including blood and thyroid gland tests.  If an illness or hormonal dysfunctions are ruled out, it is time to contact a trainer or behaviourist, who will determine the reason for aggression and suggest a solution.