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My dog defends toys
To teach a dog to give back a toy we need to pretend we do not care about the toy. We take two identical new balls and throw one of them. When the dog holds it in his mouth, we take out the other ball and play with to draw his attention. When he drops his ball, we praise him by saying “good” and immediately throw ours and pick up the other one. After several repetitions, when the dog comes up with a ball, we say “let go.” If he does not react, we start tossing our ball, until the dog releases his. When the dog reacts properly to the command “let go,” we gradually delay throwing the other ball to 2,4,5 seconds until we reach a 10 seconds’ delay. The next step is picking up the ball released by the dog. We slowly squat and move our hand towards the ball, rewarding the dog’s composure by throwing the other one. Next, we repeat the exercise, but after picking up the ball we stand up. If the dog reacts calmly to our changing position, we continue practice, throwing the balls in turns and slowly eliminating one of them. The final step is the introduction of other toys into our exercise.

Most frequent mistakes:
- using old balls
- playing with the ball not enthusiastically enough
- repeating the “let go” command