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My dog bites when woken up
Even if your dog is not aggressive as a rule, you should know that it may attack if suddenly woken up. It is a natural reaction to a potential danger; even though the dog is not afraid, he has no time to judge whether a real threat exists and bites instinctively. Our dog needs a safe and quiet place to sleep, where he will be able to rest unbothered. He should get used to sleeping in one spot. If we see the dog is arranging to go to sleep in a desirable place, we come up to him and say “Go to sleep.” If he does not react, we pat him and come up to his bed, encouraging him with a treat. Next, we put the treat on the dog’s bed and walk away. Then, we observe the dog and, if he tries to lie down away from his bed again, we repeat the action. The more consistent we are, the faster the dog will understand our intentions. Remember to avoid touching the dog when it is asleep; it is better to let him know about our presence by calling his name or whistling first.

Most frequent mistakes:
- lack of consistency