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Assisting dog need help

Magda Kulus from Tychy (Poland) has been suffering from an incurable disease since birth – it’s spinal muscular atrophy. Gradually, she became weaker and weaker which meant she found it impossible to function on her own, even with a wheelchair.

A golden retriever named Igor, also called Ajki, came to her rescue. He is an assisting dog given to Magda by Alteri Foundation in 2007. Prior to that, he underwent specialized training which taught him to help a person with muscular atrophy.

A few months ago it turned out that Igor is seriously ill. He was diagnosed with an inoperable eat tumor.

Igor is not only a dog. He is a creature which had changed Magda’s life and allowed her to realize many dreams, including the one about relative independence. The cancer which attacked him rarely leads to metastasis but keeps developing. The 7-year-old Igor is retired but, as much as hid disease allows him, he is still helping Magda. A golden retriever named Egon is to replace him. Magda received him from Dog Walk.

Unfortunately, the cost of training Egon is huge. It’s approx. 20 thousand zlotys. Friends of blondes with the help of Warta Goldena Foundation have raised 5 thousand so far. The money is running out, however.

That is why we would like to ask you to help us raise the necessary sum to train Ajki’s successor. We believe you will not leave this wonderful pair of dogs and their owner unassisted.

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