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“Psi Los” Foundation was created in 2011. The founders are closely connected with the animal lovers’ website “Chwila dla Pupila,” which, since its creation, has unceasingly been helping homeless animals and pro-animal organizations. The foundation cooperates with Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki and Zwierzętami (Krakow Animal Care Society), Alarmowy Fundusz Nadziei na Życie (AFN) Foundation, Przytulisko dla Bezdomnych Psów i Kotów (animal shelter) in Harbutowice, as well as many others.

The foundation achieves its goals by offering various forms of support to animal shelters and other organizations providing for homeless and harmed animals, especially Krakow Animal Shelter. We hope that with our combined efforts, including your generous help, we will change the lives of homeless animals for the better.

We join, coordinate, and support various kinds of charities, concerts and events such as “Open Days” at Krakow Animal Shelter. Our activities aim to improve living conditions and the health of homeless animals. We strive to find them new responsible owners and loving homes.

The foundation was created by:
Anna Rościszewska – a lifelong animal lover and volunteer at Krakow Animal Shelter. She was one of the founders and co-organizers of “Marsz Azylanta.” Anna acted as Vice President of the foundation. In July 2012 Anna Rościszewska resigned and left the foundation for reasons of personal nature.
Andrzej Jaworski – an avid animal lover and volunteer at Krakow Animal Shelter. He is an inspector for Krakow Animal Care Society and the creator of “Chwila dla Pupila,” which is a website for all animal lovers. He was also a co-creator of “Klinika Zdrowego Chomika,” a radio program about animals. Andrzej acts as President of the foundation.

Long experience in working towards animal welfare and achievements in this field led to the establishment of the foundation which, due to the fact of close cooperation with Krakow Animal Shelter, bears the name of the shelter’s benefactor, Joanna Krupińska.

“We aim at helping homeless animals in general and animals at Krakow Animal Shelter in particular. This place, at 3 Rybna Street in Krakow, is especially close to us and extensive, smooth, and fruitful cooperation between our foundation and the shelter, run by Krakow Animal Care Society, allows this.” explains Andrzej Jaworski, President of “Psi Los” Foundation.