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Harbutowice Shelter – will the dogs be hungry?

The shelter in Harbutowice near Krakow, which is run by an elderly couple, Mr and Mrs Dobrzanski, is home for almost one hundred dogs, most of them old and ill, often surrendered to the shelter after their owners’ death. Mr and Mrs Dobrzanski devote all their time and scarce resources to the animals in their care.

Last week Mrs Dobrzanska’s son was a guest of ‘Klinika Zdrowego Chomika’ program at Radio Krakow. He asked us for help: the shelter is running out of dog food. Even though we don’t normally associate beautiful May weather with dog suffering and hunger, the needs of the shelter are huge despite of the season; over 70 dogs must be fed every day. We would like to help these great people, that is why we are addressing you with an appeal for your support.

The shelter needs:

- dry dog food in small chunks
- canned dog food
- pasta
- rise
- cleaning detergents

At our request, Radio Krakow has decided to join the action; you can bring gifts for the Harbutowice shelter to the seat of Radio Krakow at 22 Słowackiego Avenue between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Our action will last until 27thMay, 2012.

If you are not from Krakow but would like to help the animals of Harbutowice, join our action by donating even the smallest sum, that will be used to buy dog food or pay vet bills for Harbutowice.


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